We are a film distributor that presents international film productions in Spain and Germany. We want to offer films that touch in some way. May it be the script, the direction, a wonderful camera work or a moving cast. That’s why we don’t have a specific genre we work with. May it be crazy, intriguing, sexy, scary, documentary or fiction. There are so many films that we want to offer a platform to. Whether older or newer productions: Marilu Pictures is a forum for all. A film has a long life and film can always be up to date.



Marina Anna Eich

Born in 1976 in Germany, after working in the industry for over 25 years (as producer, press agent, actress and distributor) she now created her own distribution company distributing independent movies to Spain and Germany. She is also a part of the Film Festival organization team for CURTAS Festival do Imaxinario, Vilagarcia de Arousa, one of the oldest and biggest fantasy film festivals in Spain.