Original Title: Ji yi qiu long
Year: 2021
Duration: 98 min.
Country: China

Director: Zhang Chi
Guión: Zhang Chi
Cast: Liu Kejun, Mohamed Ebrahim, Wang Ziyi


What is human identity but an extended daily collection of memories of what a person did, said and thought, how they loved, dreamed, despaired and got on their knees after failures?  In the futuristic Chinese city of 2030, two hired assassins, Ge and Song, cold-bloodedly murder successive targets set by a mysterious organisation. But Ge hasn’t been himself lately. Surreal nightmares and strange visions during the day make the man wonder if he is a creation of modern technology that eliminated Alzheimer’s, but also gave people the tools to manipulate the human mind. Suddenly, as he completes the task, Ge notices a photo of the victim with… himself.


  • “Chinese Sci-Fi Thriller Annular Eclipse delivers kinetic cinematography and fills the screen with a futuristic dystopia”. The film makes nods to both “Blade Runner” and “Memento.” Variety
  • “A labyrinthic thriller that can easily be described as “eye candy”
  • “Annular Eclipse feels like a breath of fresh air for sci-fi and Asian cinema, a lot like Bong Joon-Ho’s Snowpiercer felt almost a decade ago. Being a feast for the senses AND the brain, this was perhaps the most distinctive work at the 2021 Dracula Film Festival.”


  • BEST INTERNATIONAL DIRECTOR 2021 at Lusca Fantastic Film Festival
  • BEST VISUAL EFFECTS at FANTASPORTO International Film Festival, Portugal
  • MACABRO International Horror Film Festival, Mexico
  • CURTAS Festival do Imaxinario, Spain
  • GALACTICAT Fantastic Film Festival de Ponent, Spain
  • Dracula Film Festival, Romania
  • BUSAN International Film Festival, Corea
  • London SciFi Film Festival, UK
  • Energa Camerimage, Poland
  • Paris International Fantastic Film Festival, France
  • LUSCA Fantastic Film Festival, Puerto Rico
  • Sydney Science Fiction Film Festival, Australia
  • Trieste Science+Fiction Festival, Italy