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OVER BORDERS Original Title: Über Grenzen Year: 2019 Duration: 110 min. Country: Germany Director: Johannes Meier, Paul Hartmann Script: Johannes Meier, Paul Hartmann Cast: Margot Flügel-Anhalt, Paul Hartman, Ali Reza Synopsis: At the age of 64, Margot gets on a motorbike for the first time in her life - and takes off. Her journey halfway around the world takes her all the way to Central Asia. In the process, Margot covers more than 18,000 kilometers and crosses 18 countries. But it is not only the breathtaking landscapes that impress her. It is also the encounters with people of different languages and cultures and the everlasting hospitality that inspire the adventurer on her journey across the Volga and the Pamir Mountains, through Ukraine, Tajikistan and Iran. ÜBER GRENZEN now tells the story of this adventurous journey.fixed relationship into his reality. The film based on the Spiegel bestseller book! Reviews:  "A spectacular

LOVEMOBIL Original Title: Lovemobil Year: 2019 Duration: 110 min. Country: Germany Director: Elke Lehrenkrauss Script: Elke Lehrenkrauss Synopsis: The multi-award-winning and controversial film portrays the lives of young sex workers from Africa and Eastern Europe who sell their bodies in discarded mobile homes in the hope of a better life. The mini-brothels decorated with fairy lights on the edge of lonely German country roads, where women from all over the world wait for passing customers, look like stranded spaceships. When one of the prostitutes is murdered, fear spreads through this bizarre microcosm, which is already characterized by a tense and deceptive calm. An unusually intimate film that shocks as much as it fascinates and makes you think. A brilliant and intimate docu-drama about the everyday lives of prostitutes. Reviews:  "shows unusually deep insights into taboo places... real abysses of sex work in Germany" – WDR television. "Without making any hasty

SILVER HAIR STILL ROCKS Original Title: Silver Hair Still Rocks Year: 2022 Duration: 96 min. Country: Germany Director: Matthias Lukoschek, Andrea Ruethlein Synopsis: In the early 70s, a handful of people discovered the idyllic beaches of Goa. They were dropouts from the commercialized world who proudly called themselves “hippie freaks” and still spend every winter there. In the film, shot on original locations in Goa, long-time friends and contemporary witnesses trace a world of awakening, a world full of freedom, lust and spirituality. Everyday life in their Goa paradise was marked not only by deprivation, but also by a certain insanity. In the meantime, especially since the beginning of the pandemic, the scene has changed fundamentally and the circle of friends of the legendary ’hippie freaks’ is, also due to age, becoming smaller and smaller. But that doesn’t stop them to continue dancing. Their memories embedded in atmospheric pictures make

COMEBACK Original Title: Comeback Year: 2007 Duration: 79 min. Country: Germany Director: Maximilian Plettau Writer: Maximilian Plettau Cast: Jürgen Hartenstein, Markus Kone Festivals: Hof, Munich, Leipzig, Jihlava, TIDF/Taiwan, Visiond Du Reél, Planet Doc u.a Awards: German Camera and Seal of Approval 'highly recommended' Synopsis: In a bleak attic in Munich, a German boxer is pounding the bags. His name is Jürgen "The Rock" Hartenstein. Once a champion, he is now aging and alone. The boxer eschews women, alcohol and any creature comforts, earning his meager living as a pub bouncer. With no manager standing behind him, he is forced to train in city parks and in a dark, seedy attic with his African trainer, Markus Kone. Every week he phones matchmakers in the U.S., because this former German middleweight champion has a dream: he wants to make a comeback. He needs a win against a US boxer to get back