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THE DESERTER Original Title: Der Deserteur Year: 2024 Duration: 93 min. Country: Germany Director: Christoph Baumann Script: Christiane Heckes, Christoph Baumann (Idea), Sebastian Fischer (Idea) Cast: Sebastian Fischer, Anna Kaminski, Sandro Kirtzel, Nora C. Pichler, Lana-Mae Lopičić, Tom Kreß Synopsis: May 1945: The end of the War in the Tyrolean Alps. The injured SS soldier Anton has deserted. On the run he discovers a remote mountain alp. Hannah, a Jewish woman, is hiding here. She tends to his wounds. There is great mistrust between the two but together they cope with the harsh everyday life. They are looked after by 16-year-old peasant girl Charlotte. At night, they hear fighting between the German troops and Italian partisans. Over time, a cautious familiarity develops between Anton and Hannah – he, who has done and seen terrible things, she, who has lost her family and been struggling with fear and loneliness up here

DÍAS DE MAYO Original Title: Días de Mayo Year: 2008 Duration: 103 min. Country: Argentina Director: Gustavo Postiglione Guión: Gustavo Postiglione Cast: Agustina Guirado, Santiago de Jesús Diaz, Caren Hulten, Juan Nemironsky, Antonio Birabent, Darío Grandinetti, Carlos Resta Synopsis: Rosario, 1969, and in the midst of the dictatorship that shook the country, a couple tries to be happy. All the inconveniences that can surround love are maximized by the greatest aberration against human rights that Argentina suffered Reviews: “…portrays a young generation convinced that it was possible to change the world.” “DIAS DE MAYO: a well-narrated historical-sociopolitical reconstruction of our recent yet seemingly remote past, and an entertaining piece of filmmaking that maintains the tension between revolt and social inertia, the sole alternatives many Argentines considered in those days.” Julio Nakamurakare / Herald staff Festivals/Awards: 4 Nominations for Silver Condor at Argentinean Film Critics Association Awards 2010 Best New Actor,