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THE DESERTER Original Title: Der Deserteur Year: 2024 Duration: 93 min. Country: Germany Director: Christoph Baumann Script: Christiane Heckes, Christoph Baumann (Idea), Sebastian Fischer (Idea) Cast: Sebastian Fischer, Anna Kaminski, Sandro Kirtzel, Nora C. Pichler, Lana-Mae Lopičić, Tom Kreß Synopsis: May 1945: The end of the War in the Tyrolean Alps. The injured SS soldier Anton has deserted. On the run he discovers a remote mountain alp. Hannah, a Jewish woman, is hiding here. She tends to his wounds. There is great mistrust between the two but together they cope with the harsh everyday life. They are looked after by 16-year-old peasant girl Charlotte. At night, they hear fighting between the German troops and Italian partisans. Over time, a cautious familiarity develops between Anton and Hannah – he, who has done and seen terrible things, she, who has lost her family and been struggling with fear and loneliness up here

MALAK Original Title: Malak Year: 2019 Duration: 101 min. Country: Alemania Director: Timo Hinkelmann Script: Timo Hinkelmann Cast: Veronique Aleiferopoulos, Lewis Lovely Asamoah, Daniel Chadalakian Kurz Synopsis: Young Kazim must prove himself in a brutal conflict when his younger sister Zahra falls into the clutches of a violent red-light gang. Since a tragic incident almost twenty years ago, Kazim feels responsible for Zahra. At that time, her father Baba, who comes from Mali, disrupted the family. The strictly religious Baba loves his wife and children, but his tyrannical self-righteousness and recklessness became his undoing. High gambling debts brought him into conflict with a clan boss, leading to a fatal escalation with tragic consequences. As a young man, Kazim later slipped into the petty criminal milieu. He refuses to have any contact with his father. But when Zahra needs help, Kazim faces the challenge of how far he must go to

CAGED Original Title: Caged - Prisoner of Lust Year: 2011 Duration: 105 min. Country: Netherland Director: Stephan Brenninkmeijer Script: Stephan Brenninkmeijer, Marian Schutte Cast: Chantal Demming, Babette Holtmann, Victor Reinier Synopsis: Stella, a married woman in her mid-thirties, has long felt an enormous desire for sexual adventure. With the reluctant acquiescence of her prudish husband, she goes to swingers' parties and has one-night stands. Stella therefore feels free and emancipated for the first time in her life - until the day she suddenly wakes up in a locked cellar room. She has apparently been drugged and dragged here. Stella tries in vain to find out the identity and motives of her mysterious kidnapper. Instead, the masked stranger repeatedly ties her naked to an operating table and subjects her to sexual and psychological torture. Her horrific situation seems hopeless. But when another abducted woman is locked in the cellar, the tide

IN SEARCH OF ECHO Original Title: Hai Yang Dong Wu Year: 2019 Duration: 112 min. Country: China Director: Zhang Chi Script: Zhang Chi, Wu Biyou Cast: Zhu Hongyang, Lin Xuan, Zhenglin Sun Synopsis: Mr. Zhu has reached a point in his career where he is left with only a few acting offers on the table, so he hops on a ferry in search of his wife, on the island where they first met. It is low season on the island, with few visitors in plain sight. Yet Zhu continues to actively photograph everything on the island. He encounters various islanders, gets familiar with a hotel owner, becomes attracted to a primary school teacher, and engages in romance with the manager of a local dance club. While he begins a fascinating journey, his wife is still nowhere to be found. Reviews: "In Search of Echo" is a must-see drama with many

ANNULAR ECLIPSE Original Title: Ji yi qiu long Year: 2021 Duration: 98 min. Country: China Director: Zhang Chi Guión: Zhang Chi Cast: Liu Kejun, Mohamed Ebrahim, Wang Ziyi Synopsis: What is human identity but an extended daily collection of memories of what a person did, said and thought, how they loved, dreamed, despaired and got on their knees after failures?  In the futuristic Chinese city of 2030, two hired assassins, Ge and Song, cold-bloodedly murder successive targets set by a mysterious organisation. But Ge hasn't been himself lately. Surreal nightmares and strange visions during the day make the man wonder if he is a creation of modern technology that eliminated Alzheimer's, but also gave people the tools to manipulate the human mind. Suddenly, as he completes the task, Ge notices a photo of the victim with... himself. Reviews: “Chinese Sci-Fi Thriller Annular Eclipse delivers kinetic cinematography and fills the screen

CADA VEZ QUE MUERO Original Title: Every Time I Die Year: 2019 Duration: 98 min. Country: USA Director: Robi Michael Guión: Robi Michael, Gal Katzir Cast: Marc Menchaca, Erica Camarano, Kevin D. Benton Synopsis: When Sam is murdered in a remote lake, his consciousness begins to travel through the bodies of his friends in an effort to protect them from his killer. This dark passage leads him on a greater journey - discovering his own true identity. Reviews: “Thematically and narratively ambitious.” The Hollywood Reporter “One of the best movies of the year.” Horror Society "A mind-bending metaphysical thriller that is, truly, remarkable." “Every Time I Die is a superior indie riddle and a strikingly singular film." Festivals/Awards:  BEST FILM and BEST DIRECTOR at NOLA Horror Film Festival, BEST FILM at Fright Nights, USA BEST OF FEST / PEOPLES CHOICE AWARD / BEST DIRECTOR at Anatomy Independent Film