Original Title: Über Grenzen
Year: 2019
Duration: 110 min.
Country: Germany

Director: Johannes Meier, Paul Hartmann
Script: Johannes Meier, Paul Hartmann
Cast: Margot Flügel-Anhalt, Paul Hartman, Ali Reza


At the age of 64, Margot gets on a motorbike for the first time in her life – and takes off. Her journey halfway around the world takes her all the way to Central Asia. In the process, Margot covers more than 18,000 kilometers and crosses 18 countries. But it is not only the breathtaking landscapes that impress her. It is also the encounters with people of different languages and cultures and the everlasting hospitality that inspire the adventurer on her journey across the Volga and the Pamir Mountains, through Ukraine, Tajikistan and Iran. ÜBER GRENZEN now tells the story of this adventurous journey.fixed relationship into his reality.

The film based on the Spiegel bestseller book!


  •  “A spectacular travel film!” TTT (ARD – TV)
  • “A documentary film well worth seeing.” SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG